How to create a subdomain in cpanel on (BEGINNERS EDITION)

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Steps on how to create a subdomain in cpanel on web hosting.

  1. Log into your vicetemple account – or

2. In the client area – find active product and services

3. Click on the desired domain name that Vicetemple is hosting

4. This will take you to the product detail page or overview page – on this page you will see the name of the website you wish to work on at the top of the page but below the menu and right next to the Overview label. Make sure you are working on the right site. (Some people have more than one site)

5. On the left hand side under actions, you will see a list of things you can choose from, we are choosing to log in to cpanel. So Please click Log in to cpanel. ( This log in path comes in handy if you do not have or cannot remember your cpanel login)

6. Now you will see the cpanel, as the name of this page is listed at the top left hand corner of the page. In the middle , you will see the heading Tools. Scroll down until you see Domains and if need be click on the word or the toggle on the right side of the word to expand the Domain options.

7. Click on the clickable link that reads Domains

8. Now you should be on the Domains page, which the heading reads Domain and the  on the right side of the page, you will see a button that reads “Create A New Domain” click this button

10. Now you are directed to a page that has a dialogue box with the heading “Create a new domain” . There is an input box where you will make up a subdomain for your site. It should look like the example they have as a place holder – For this example I will be adding a sub site called Test for the sake of this video.

11. Type in your subdomain just as it will appear

12. I will unclick the check box that reads Share document root (/home/labyen/public_html) with “”.(This will be explained in a different video, but this works for me to keep them on separate document roots.) After I uncheck the box, I will click submit because I am done adding subdomains at this time. If I were going to create more domains now I would click submit and create another.

13. Once you click submit, you will be sent to the list of domains page, this includes any subdomains you have created on vicetemple today and before today. This will not include domains or subdomains that you are not hosting with vicetemple. – At the upper right hand side, a green banner will appear declaring “Success: You have successfully created the new “” domain with the document root of etc etc…

14. What you should see if you scroll down the list, is the exact domain you created. In this case it will be – When you click on this link to view your website , you should see this… Forbidden You don’t have permission to access this resource. Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. – on a blank page with nothing but these words. — Do not Panic –

This means you either need to install wordpress or the like. Or you can take this domain and redirect to a page that you want your traffic/clients/customers/ to go to

For the sake of this post/video’s title, How to create a subdomain in Vicetemple, we will not be creating a website or redirect. But please subscribe or follow for the videos or posts where I will explain how to take the next steps in a future video or post for installing wordpress or simply redirecting from or to your subdomain

If you do not have Hosting account then its okay to sign up right now and maybe even pick up your future domains right from