Ways to fix slow streaming when going live

If your video is streaming slowly, do the following:

Make sure all other bandwidth-related programs (such as Skype, YouTube, etc.) are turned off. – Sometimes for the sake of streaming, you may want to turn off any other wifi connected devices like Alexa or the like, any extra tablets, watches, or extra computers that may still be connected to the wifi. And of course close all other tabs and apps. Don’t try to watch a video on the same device you are streaming, this can cause significant slow down.

You can always turn them back on when your done, just be sure if you are waiting on a important call or need leave some devices in for safety reasons.

An example of a device unknowingly using wifi bandwidth is my apple laptop. When it is closed not only is it in standby but it i still connected to wifi as well as my apple watch. After a certain time they both come back on by themselves. But always check to be sure.

Test your Internet connection speed at http://www.speedtest.net/. If your data download speed is below 2 Mbps and/​or your data upload speed is below 1 Mbps, you should contact your Internet provider to see if an upgrade is possible.

Try use a wired connection instead of a wireless one.

Remove unnecessary browser add-ons and toolbars.

Consider the space on your computer – do you have a hard drive that is over 50% full, some of the files can make your computer streams lag. Be sure to check your hard drive from time to time and maybe consider getting an external hard drive.

Try restarting your computer or device – this one is vastly overlooked because it is so freakin simple. Sometimes doing a soft and better yet a hard shutdown by pressing the power off button will help to clear some things that are cluttered on your device